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A Taste of Thai Quick Meals

Coconut Ginger Noodles Quick Meal

This Quick Meal has a mellow, comforting flavor. A classic Thai flavor combination, Coconut and Ginger, make this a favorite.

Pad Thai Noodles Quick Meal

Make real Pad Thai in no time! The rice noodles and Pad Thai sauce are all right here. Just cook in the microwave and serve.

Peanut Noodles
Quick Meal

This is our most popular Quick Meal. Authentic Thai Peanut Noodles have never been so easy before- ready in the microwave in just 4 minutes!

Red Curry Noodles Quick Meal

The Thai chilies that spice up our Red Curry Paste give these Red Curry Noodles the same kick. Add water, heat, and go!

Yellow Curry Noodles Quick Meal

Yellow Curry Noodles bring the aromatic scents of our Yellow Curry Rice and makes a delicious, flavorful Quick Meal, ready in minutes.