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A Taste of Thai Recipe Videos

Quick Meals Ready in Just Minutes

Quick Meals are ready in just minutes. Just combine water, seasonings,and noodles right in the box and microwave.

Cod and Grilled Corn Chowder

This appetizing chowder just screams ‘summer’! Grilled corn and bacon mixed with Coconut Milk make a creamy and smoky flavored chowder that can’t be beat. It’s a great dairy-free alternative to heavy cream laden chowders and it’s even better the next day! Grill extra corn to have on hand, just for this wonderful entrée.
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Flank Steak with Spicy Bulgogi Marinade

We Thai-ed up this classic Korean marinade by adding Red Curry Paste and minced ginger. It’s fun Asian fusion at its best!
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Beef with Red Curry

A Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste makes this beef curry super simple and extra delicious. Mix it with creamy Coconut Milk for a Thai classic in minutes.
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Shrimp Tom Yum Goong

Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce and Fish Sauce season the broth of this easily prepared and fragrant soup. It’s a classic hot and sour soup that is one of Thailand’s most popular dishes.
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Dijon Spicy Peanut Baked Chicken

This super-easy chicken recipe uses our Spicy Peanut Bake and some basic pantry items for a hearty, delicious entrée, ready in 30 minutes.
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Pad Thai For Two

Make this traditional Thai dish at home! Gluten-free rice noodles, and our Pad Thai Sauce will get you started.

Pineapple Fried Rice with Edamame

This recipe makes a great brunch, light dinner or side dish. Fragrant pineapple fried rice is a staple in Thailand.
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Red Curry Meatloaf

Red Curry Paste gives this meatloaf a spicy kick. You may never make a plain meatloaf again.
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Pad Thai Tofu Stir-fry

This tasty vegan dish has sweet and citrus flavors, which complement A Taste of Thai Pad Thai Sauce.
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Pad Thai Rice

A Taste of Thai Pad Thai Sauce is not just for rice noodles. Ready in 20 minutes or less, this foolproof recipe will have your family begging for more!
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Sweet Chili Noodles with Sesame Seeds

These sweet and savory noodles make an excellent, gluten-free side for any entrée.
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Garlic Chili Pepper Tilapia with Oranges

Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce adds spice to this versatile white fish.
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Pineapple Curried Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Red Curry Paste fills these cool, crisp lettuce leaves with a warm, sweet and spicy curried meat mixture.
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Pad See Ew

This noodle stir-fry is standard fare in Thailand. It's sweet and salty, and ready in 30 minutes.
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Curried Pork Filled Fillo Shells

These filled shells make a great finger-food.  A Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste gives spice to this ideal party recipe.
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Crock Pot Chicken with Pad Thai Sauce

A Taste of Thai Pad Thai Sauce and lime give this slow cooked chicken an exotic taste.
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Scallops with Sweet Chili Glaze

A Taste of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce nicely compliments scallops and gives them a beautiful glaze.
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Vegan Coconut Ice Milk

This extra coconutty ice cream only takes minutes to assemble and is vegan as well.
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Tom Ka Gai

The flavors of galanga ginger and lemon grass make Tom Ka Gai one of Thailand's most popular soups.
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Baked Peanut Chicken

Spice up traditional baked chicken with A Taste of Thai Peanut Sauce Mix and Coconut Milk.
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Laab - Ground Beef Salad

This Thai mainstay has perfectly balanced flavor.
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Panang Curry Sauce

If you are a beginner at curries, Panang Curry Paste is the way to go. It's not too hot and slightly sweet. It's great with vegetables, chicken, and seafood.
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Creamy Chickpea Curry

This is a spicy and simple vegan recipe. Serve over our aromatic Jasmine Rice.
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Red Curry Scallops with Pineapple

Pineapple adds perfect sweetness to A Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste. Serve over Jasmine Rice for an authentic touch.
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Spicy Peanut Baked Chicken

The wonderful peanut flavor of this chicken will leave family and friends begging for more.
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Super Simple Red Curry Chicken

A Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste makes this easy curried chicken a real crowd pleaser.
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Pad Thai with Shrimp

The classic Thai dish brought close to home with A Taste of Thai Pad Thai Sauce. Watch the video.
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