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Curried Coconut Carrot Soup
This is the perfect lunch or appetizer soup. Coconut Milk creates a smooth texture and a bit of A Taste of Thai Curry Paste gives it a little kick. It’s also vegan and gluten free, so all your guests can enjoy it!
Coconut Lime Bundt Cake
Our creamy, pure unsweetened Coconut Milk gives this yummy, moist cake a fabulous coconut flavor. The lime adds a sweet – tart dimension that is undeniably delicious.
Garlic Chili Pepper Sliders
These fabulous tasting gourmet burgers have only 4 added ingredients mixed into 90% lean ground beef. Our Fish sauce adds flavor that salt alone cannot and the balanced heat of Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce brings these sliders to new heights of flavor!
Curried Pork Banh Mi
This popular Vietnamese sandwich is a product of French colonialism and Indonesian influences. We upped the ante by adding Thai Red Curry Paste and Fish Sauce to the ground pork. It’s divine!
Cilantro Sauce
This Thai adaptation is a hybrid between an Argentinian Chimichurri sauce and an Italian Pesto with Asian ingredients. Cilantro, Fish Sauce and anise give it a distinctly Thai flavor that is good on all grilled foods, especially beef, seafood and chicken.
Coconut Mocha Chip Ice Cream
Coconut Milk gives this yummy ice cream a rich velvety texture. It has a sophisticated chocolate-coffee flavor for adults but chips for the kids. It’s perfect for anyone!